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Our kennels are veterinary inspected, approved and recommended.

Mutts dogs

Here are some of the dogs available for rehoming at Mutts in Distress.  Please be aware that we cannot be sure how well any of the dogs will get on with any cats you may have at home.

These dogs are featured here because none of them were wearing ID discs when picked up and when scanned, none were microchipped. Look after your pet and get him microchipped - that way he will be returned to you if he strays. Dogs must wear ID tags by law. Ask at reception for disc engraving done while you wait and microchipping by appointment.

We have new dogs arriving at the centre every day and so the most recent arrivals may not feature on this page for a few days. Please contact us if you'd like more up to date information.

Please - think carefully when deciding to rehome a dog.

Dogs are being let down by people who agree to take them, but then change their minds.

Last updated on: 27/01/2015

Picture of Fluffy Dog of the week


Meet Fluffy!
Fluffy is a probably a Labrador/Staffie cross. He is just one of hundreds of similar looking 'Staffie types' searching for a home of his own in this country right now. We know, because of that, he will probably be here a very long time, waiting for his chance of happiness.
Still, he's happy enough here. He likes all of us but I bet if he could speak, he'd probably ask for a family of his own.
We are looking for a home without children because Fluffy is a big, heavy dog.
Fluffy is about 5 years old and during his time with us, has proven himself to be good on lead, quite obedient and goes out for walkies with other dogs.
He eats an ordinary complete food, together with some tinned meat and his tummy is good on this. He is clean in his kennel.
Fluffy is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.
Fluffy is hoping for a home where he doesn't have to be called 'Fluffy' !!!

Picture of Brandy


A letter from Brandy's foster home :
Hi,my name is Brandy. I'm around 5 years old and I'm a Staffy cross Boxer girl.
My foster Mum tells me every day I'm a pretty girl and a good girl. I can be left for a short time, I just sleep the day away in peace and quiet. I also know all my manners. I sit and wait for food and I do not touch unless told to. I can 'speak' on command, give both paws, sit, down, bed, stay and leave. I'm very affectionate and think I'm a lap dog. When my Mum comes home from work, I greet her, show her all my toys and then snuggle down on the sofa for a cuddle.
I am clean in the house, I do not chew, have accidents or bark when my foster parents go out. I need to be an only animal in the house.
I'm full of character, extremely intelligent, happy and an affectionate girl, who needs the right people to give me a chance. I guarantee that once I'm in your life, I'll leave a paw print on your heart.
Picture of Jessie


Jessie would like a home with no other dogs or cats.
She loves people and has lived with young children who she adored. She is very good with small children, loves affection and cuddles and playing ball. She would really like a forever family of her own.
Picture of Aero chocolate beauty.

Aero chocolate beauty.

A great favourite at the kennels is Aero! She is a Staffie cross bitch who, during her time with us, has shown herself to be a happy dog who is good with cats. An experienced doggy home is needed where Aero can continue her training. She can be grumpy with other dogs, but is fine with cats!!
She loves people.
Picture of Tyson


Young Staffie boy. Came in to us dangerously thin - totally emaciated. We had not advertised him until now, as he was too weak. Now, after careful nursing and lots of very small feeds, he is ready to go to a new home. He had been reported as seen wandering around on his own for three weeks, prior to him being caught when he wandered into a couple's back garden. He was so thin, we don't know how he was still standing up. He had no trust in people, which has now grown immensly. He loves everyone here! He sits on command but is quite strong on the lead at the moment, so he will need a firm, kind owner who will take hm to dog training classes. Unfortunately, he cannot live with other animals or birds.
Picture of Josie


Josie is a medium sized staffie bitch cross with goodness knows what! She absolutely LOVES to play ball. She loves a belly-rub and loves her food even more! During her time with us, she has shown herself to be a very friendly little girl and is all over you when you go in for a cuddle! Assessments with other animals ongoing.
Josie would like a home with no small children as she can be boisterous in play.
Picture of Den


Den is a happy, baby Labrador cross. During his time with us, he has shown us that he is an affectionate, nutty dog who loves all the attention. He was frightened when he first arrived but not now - everyone is a potential friend to Den!
Picture of Archie


Archie is thought to be an Akita cross baby,around a year old. He has just been castrated, is fully vaccinated and microchipped. During his time with us, Archie has shown that he likes people, but can play rough and mouth quite hard when he's doing so. For this reason, we are looking for a home with no children, as quite unintentionally, because of his size,he could hurt a small person. Archie has a lot of love to give and likes to be busy. He loves play and loves his walks. An ideal dog for someone experienced with big breeds.
Picture of Digby


Digby has just arrived.More info as we get to know him. He's come in from another rescue, so we are hoping they can tell us something about this handsome lad.
Picture of Ruby


A cross breed girl. Ruby would like a home with no cats. She is fine with some dogs and is very people friendly.
Picture of Magic


18 months old and just arrived. During his short time with us, he has been a nice boy with other dogs. He needs a home with no small children as he is a big bouncy boy. He knows paw, sit and bed. Not cat tested, or small animal tested at the moment.

Picture of Diffa


Diffa is a happy,loving Ridgeback cross.
He has lived with a child and during his stay with us, he's shown himself to be kind and gentle. He is in rescue through no fault of his own. A change in family circumstances means that Diffa is now homeless.

Picture of William


William is about a year old. He is a very quiet boy but friendly. He seems ok with some cats but not dog tested as yet. He would like a home where there is someone around most of the time.
Picture of Jay


A lovely, young Lurcher boy, currently in foster care.
Said to be a real softie. Jay is not cat or other livestock friendly.
Picture of Toby


Meet Toby. During his time with us, he has shown that he's a young, affectionate and bouncy dog. To Toby, life is all about having fun. A happy go lucky boy that needs someone strong as his owner. He will not be homed with young children as he is bouncy boy. Toby loves his toys and doesn't seem to worry when walking past other dogs in the kennels. He is approx. 4.
Picture of Matilda


Matilda is 3 yrs old and a very loving with people and mostly gets along with the other dogs. However she can be a little choosy with females, especially at mealtimes. She could be rehomed with a male dog, although would prefer to be an only dog. Matilda has been spayed, vaccinated,microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Picture of Spike


A beautiful Staffie boy of about 2 years.
During his time, he has proven to be a happy, kind and friendly dog. A great companion with a sweet nature.
Picture of Lyra (not at Mutts)

Lyra (not at Mutts)

Lyra is an Alaskan Malamute X GSD who has come in to the rescue as a stray. She is approx. 12 months old. Lovely friendly, lively girl. She is not bothered by other dogs. She is vaccinated and microchipped and will be spayed next week. If you are interested in rehoming, please call Lyn Cook on 07714854790
Picture of Honey in foster

Honey in foster

Honey is a beautiful dog who walks well on her harness, with a little leap in the air every now and again with pleasure. I believe she would be best suited to someone who is a reassuring influence on her, possibly with another dog her size, preferably male.She loves to have a cuddle and will try to climb on your lap for one but she doesn't attempt to climb on furniture or beds and is quite happy to sleep in her bed in the bedroom or living room or sprawl out on the floor. She can be a little nervous and doesn't like loud noises or storms but if made light of, she settles down. She would probably be suited to a family with older children. All in all, she is a lovely girl who likes nothing more than some human attention and cuddles. She is a pleasure to be around, she doesn't bark or whine, only barks when playing, she is a quick learner, loves to be around humans and has met a few strangers this week, been perfectly behaved around them, no jumping up.
Picture of Trevor in foster

Trevor in foster

I am a 3 year-old Lurcher, ready for rehoming next week. I need a nice chair next to the fire. If you like me, ring 01279 656633 to arrange to meet me as I'm in a foster home.
Picture of Maverick


A lovely German Shepherd (Alsation) male. Who, during his time with us, is proving to be very friendly and happy. More info as we get to know him.
Picture of Timon


One of the Spanish pups. Timon is still a little shy but has come on so far from his poor start.
Picture of Pepe


Pepe is another of the Spanish pups saved from certain death. Now happy and healthy, these pups are waiting patiently for their new homes.
Picture of Jesse


Jessie is looking for a new home, through no fault of her own. She has done nothing wrong. Her owners have had a dramatic change in circumstances. According to her previous owners, she is 8 years old, obedient and said to absolutely loves playing ball and is good with children.